What’s the biggest challenge facing teachers today?


And which students present the most baffling and unique behavior problems?

Our awesome kids on the autism spectrum, that’s who.

We love them, but it can be difficult to understand and deal with their challenging behaviors.

Behavior analysts understand behavior, the science behind behavior change.  They know the overwhelming amount of research supporting strategies which have been effective in improving classroom behavior for students with autism.

But teachers understand their own classrooms, what they’ve already tried, and what works and doesn’t work.

The ABCs of Autistic Behaviors in the Classroom: Setting the Stage for Success was written by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who was also a teacher for many years, as well as an autism mom. Here you will find evidence-based, research-supported behavioral tools presented in teacher-friendly language. You’ll meet a virtual village of students with problem behaviors you might find in your own classroom. You’ll also read stories shared by kids and adults on the autism spectrum, In Their Own Words.

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As teachers, you have an awesome responsibility toward the next generation.  I want to thank you for the amazing work you do every day. The difference you make in your students’ lives spreads in ripples beyond what you may ever know.


I cannot emphasize enough the
importance of a good teacher.
-Temple Grandin

Written for Teachers of Children on the Autism Spectrum

This book was written for teachers who teach students on the autism spectrum, to help manage and understand their unique and sometimes inexplicable behaviors. By setting the stage for success even before the first day of school, teachers can feel more in control and more confident in their ability to teach students who think, act and learn differently.

Teachers struggle with challenging behaviors in the classroom, and my book will help them make sense of challenging behaviors. After reading this book, they will be armed with the tools they need to set the stage for success.

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