Independent Living While Autistic

Your Roadmap to Success

Independent Living with Autism: Your Roadmap to Success is a guide for young adults with autism leaving the shelter of school and looking for guidance in the important tasks of adult life. It is also for the more mature adult who has long struggled with the feeling different from the rest of the world, misunderstanding social cues and being misunderstood, who is finally diagnosed with (or suspects) an autism spectrum disorder. This book will help ASD adults find practical, easy-to-follow guidance in the most important aspects of successful adult life.

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Jacob's Story Begins

Meet Jacob, an 18-year-old autistic high school senior who is working towards becoming independent. We'll follow his story as he meets challenges and achieves goals in the areas of communication, relationships, school, employment, and more.


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Jacob's Communication Story

Jacob and his dad had communication problems. The more his dad asked him questions, the harder it was for Jacob to answer. When he didn’t answer, his dad asked him more questions. It was a stressful cycle. Find out how they solved their communication challenge:


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Jacob’s Social Cues Stories

Jacob, fictional high school senior, had trouble picking up emotional social cues his mother was giving him, which led to frustration on both sides. Read how they found solutions to their social communication issues.


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Jacob’s Sensory Stories

Like most autistic folk, Jacob had some unusual or exaggerated responses to sensory experiences. For example, he was a seeker of proprioceptive (deep muscle and joint) and tactile (touch) feedback, and an avoider of olfactory input, or smells. This article shows how these sensory events impacted him, and how he learned to work around them, come up with strategies, or find other ways to meet his sensory needs.


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Jacob’s Interests

Jacob loved his mining-crafting video game with a passion, but his dad didn’t really understand why he felt so strongly about it. He was also passionate about the environment, and his mother challenged him to do something about it. Read on for the full story about Jacob and his interests.


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Jacob’s Stimming Story

Jacob had a couple of self-regulating stimulatory behaviors, or “stims,” that bothered his parents. He pounded his head, and he rubbed his fingers. Read to find out the purposes of each of these stims and what Jacob decided about which stim he wanted to change for himself, and which stim he asked his parents to ignore or accept.


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Jacob’s Time Story

All his life, Jacob’s parents and teachers had told him what to do and when to do it. Now that he was an adult, it was time for him to take charge of his own time management. See how he figured it out.


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Jacob’s Transportation Story

Jacob didn’t have a driver’s license, and he didn’t really want to get one. Did he have to learn to drive, just because everyone else his age was driving? Find out how he solved his transportation challenge.


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Jacob’s Money Story

Jacob’s spending was getting out of control, and he didn’t understand how it happened or what he could do to manage his money. Read the article to find out how he solved his financial challenges.


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Jacob’s Self-Management Story

Jacob couldn’t believe it; he was in danger of failing one of his courses. He got good grades on all of the quizzes, tests, and classroom assignments. So what went wrong? Read he full article to see what went wrong, and Jacob’s plan to manage his own behavior and sole his own problem.


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Jacob’s Self-Advocacy Story

Jacob was being bullied, and the coach did nothing to stop it. It was up to him to advocate for himself to get the support he needed, and deserved. Read the full article to find out how he did it.


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Jacob’s Disclosure Story

Jacob got paired with a girl for a partner assignment in AP Computer Science. Should he tell her he was autistic? What should he say? Read the full article for Jacob’s disclosure solution.


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